1. What is Cloud Cover?

CloudCover is an Internet Service Provider which offers internet services through its flagship CC1 Mi-Fi device using its revolutionary virtual sim technology.

2. How does it work?

Our CC1 device searches for available networks and connects you to the best available network at your location to ensure you have constant connectivity.

3. How do I sign up?
  • Click on the ‘Login/Sign-up’ option on the website.
  • Fill in the dialogue box options with required information to create a user account.
  • Login via the link sent to your email box.
  • Place an order for a CC1 device.
  • One you take delivery of your CC1 device, our representative would capture your biometric data to complete our Know Your Customer (KYC) requirement and activate your device.
4. How do I set up my CC1 device?

The CC1 device is a plug and play device that does not need any reconfiguration or adjustments. You simply turn on the device and log in with the registered email and password created after KYC has been completed and that’s it. We do strongly recommend that you charge your CC1 device fully before first use.

5. How do I purchase data?

There are 3 recharge options:

  • To recharge via Debit/Credit Card, click here for instructions.
  • To recharge via wallet, click here for instructions.
  • To recharge via bank transfer, click here for instructions.
6. How do I connect devices/gadgets to my CC1 Device?

You can connect to your CC1 device same way you connect to any Wi-Fi network. When your CC1 device is switched on, click Connectivity to view your Wi-Fi name and password, then search for available Wi-Fi networks on your gadget(s) and select the corresponding Wi-Fi and key in the password.

The CC1 device supports up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices or gadgets connected simultaneously.


1. How am I billed?

CloudCover’s data billing is in bytes. Which means you are guaranteed the most accurate possible billing for your data bundles.

2. Do I need to buy data from other networks?

No. You only buy a single bundle from CloudCover which gives you access to multiple networks depending on your location. To use the CC1 outside Nigeria, you would have to buy a country specific bundle or a worldwide bundle.

3. I am travelling to one of the countries within your coverage, what do I need to do?

To access the internet in any of the countries, you need to purchase an international bundle.

4. I would be travelling to one of the countries listed in your coverage list but can’t find a corresponding bundle, what do I do?

You would need to purchase a worldwide bundle. However, CloudCover would continue to introduce new country/region specific bundles to meet its customer demands.

5. I would be travelling shortly; do I need to inform you?

No! Simply purchase a worldwide bundle or a country specific bundle for your destination online and you are good to go.

6. Can I get an itemized bill on data usage?

To get itemized bill on data usage, click here


1. How do I restrict access to my CC1 device?

You would have to change your CC1 device Wi-Fi password and/or block previously connected devices. For instructions on how to do this, please refer to the device user manual

2. Where do I find my CC1 device password?

The password can be found under the connectivity menu of your CC1 device. The Wi-Fi name and password are also displayed on the lock screen of your CC1 device.

3. How do I view gadgets connected to my CC1 device?

To view gadget(s) connected to your device, slide to unlock your CC1 device, select Connectivity and then select connected devices. An icon at the top-left corner of the device homescreen also indicates the number of devices connected to your CC1

4. My internet speed is slow why?

Your CC1 device connection speed depends on the service from the best available cellular network at your location. However, here are a few tips that could help enhance your experience:

a. Change the position of your device and try placing it near a window if you are inside a building or change location.

b. Reduce the number of devices connected to your CC1 device.

c. Check that you do not have other users or apps using a lot of data at the same time on your CC1 device

5. Can I make voice calls with my CC1 device?

The device provides a mobile internet data connection through its revolutionary sim-free technology. It does not provide a voice connection; however, you can utilize various third-party App’s and software to make low cost calls via your internet connection; examples include WhatsApp and Skype.


1. Can I use my CC1 device outside the shores of Nigeria?

Oh sure! The CC1 device can be used in over 100 countries around the world. Click here to view the list of countries.

2. My phone is low on battery, how do I use my CC1 device as a Power-bank?

Simply connect your phone using a USB cable to the USB port at the base of your CC1 device and your phone would start receiving charge.

3. Can I adjust the screen sensitivity of my CC1 device?

Yes. Simply swipe to unlock your device, push the volume button on the side and slide to adjust screen sensitivity as desired.

4. Can I roll over my data if I purchase another before the expiration date?

Unfortunately not. Each data bundle has a fixed validity period. As soon as the current bundle expires (or runs out), the new data bundle kicks in. The validity for the new data bundle takes effect from date of purchase.

5. I don’t have data; can I log into my CC1 device?

No! You will not be able to log into your device until you purchase a new bundle.

6. I have an active data bundle and have just purchased another bundle, however, only my active bundle displayed on my CC1 device. Where is my new bundle?

Your new bundle will be available in your account and would kick in after the current bundle has been exhausted or expired. You can check the status of all your data bundles from our customer portal or mobile App. If your data bundle is still in not in your account after 10mins, please contact our customer support team

7. My data gets depleted quickly, how do I manage my data?

Our billing in bytes and provides the highest possible degree of accuracy as we bill based on your actual consumption. You can manage your data consumption by following these tips

8. Where do I find my device IMEI?

Kindly click on “About” on the device menu. It is also printed on the side of your CC1 device.

9. My CC1 device has refused to come on, what do I do?

Charge your device using the supplied charger for at least 1 hour and try powering it up again. If issue persists, please contact Customer Support.

10. My CC1 device is missing, what do I do?

Log into your account via our customer portal or App and click on “update profile” to change your password to prevent loss of data. Contact Customer Support for further assistance.

11. My CC1 device is on but has no service, what do I do?

Please note that the internet service is dependent on the mobile networks available at your location. Try holding down the power button and select the reboot option. If the problem persists, try repositioning your CC1 device to improve network reception and if status remains same, please contact Customer Support.

12. My device is fully charged, how long can the device work continuously?

Your CC1 device will work continuously for up to 15 hours once fully charged.

Orders and Delivery

1. I have been trying to purchase a device online, but my payment keeps failing, why?

Your card might not have been accepted for a number of reasons:

a. You may have inputted incorrect card details or missed out some of the digits.

b. Your issuer(bank) may be having network issues. Please give it some time and try again.

c. Your card type may not be enabled for online transactions. We advise you to try using another card or contact your bank.

d. Card issuer may have declined to authorize the payment amount. It’s advised you to contact your issuing bank.

e. Payment may have been declined by the bank due to insufficient funds or any other reason. We advise you to contact your issuing bank.

f. Your card type may not be acceptable by our payment gateway. Please use a supported card type bank.

If issues persist, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

2. How do I cancel an order?

Once an order has been placed and payment processed, you will need to contact our Customer Support department if for any reason you wish to cancel your order.